Accurate Skip Tracing…

We Help You Find Hard To Reach Homeowners, Quickly and Accurately!

Skip Trace Homeowners, LLC’s & Trusts.

Single Skip a Contact for .20c or Bulk Skip as low as .15c


Why is Data Skip Better?

We make Skip Tracing simple to use, with instant results, while providing unparalleled accuracy at an affordable rate. Don’t be fooled by competitors who offer discount Skip Tracing. We aren’t the cheapest, but we provide the best results!

Accurate Data

We offer highly accurate data to ensure you get the results you deserve


Match Rate

Our system can match on average up to 90% or more of your addresses

Quick Results

Wait minutes, not days! Get your list back within minutes, no more waiting 48 hours!


Security IS our #1 priority. Payment information is never shared, and processing is encrypted and secure

Ready To Get Started? 

Data Skip is Easy to use.

Really Easy, actually….

We make Skip Tracing easy, affordable, and fast so you can connect and convert your leads with ease!

Single Skip

Our Single Skip option allows you to skip a single record

Bulk Skip

Our Bulk Skip service allows you to upload a large list to turn into highly accurate and current data, on demand!

Close More Deals With DataSkip!

Whether you’re trying to find contact info for a single property, or sending Direct Mail, RVM or Text Blasts to thousands of property owners, finding the most updated and accurate contact details is essential, and we make that process simple, quick, and affordable!


Upload your List

Upload your property list in your dashboard


Process List & Payment

Make your payment and get your results 


Download Your Skip-Traced List

Download your highly accurate skip traced list!


Our service is free to use (No Subscription Required). If you plan to skip in bulk, take advantage of our available subsription plan which saves up to 50% on Skip Tracing.

Find Homeowners


    • Single Skip $0.25
    • 2 – 50 skips: $0.20
    • 51 or more skips: $0.18
    • No Result = No Charge
LLC’s & Trusts


    • Single Skip: $0.50
    • 2 – 50 skips: $0.35
    • 51 or more skips: $0.30
    • No Result = No Charge
Save up to 50%!


    • Residential Skips : $0.15c
    • Corporate Skips: $0.25c
    • Save up to 50% per skip
    • No Result = No Charge

How it Works

DataSkip is the most accurate way to skip trace your list!
Simply follow the steps outlined below, and your results will be ready to download in
a matter of minutes.

No Template Needed. Just upload your CSV file and match the fields!



Create Account

Create a free account, access your dashboard, view orders, submit lists, download results, and manage billing


Start Your Search

Start with either a single or Bulk Skip. and upload your list into our system. No template needed. Just match the fields!


Total Is Calculated

Your pricing is automatically
calculated based on the quantity of records in your search


Enter payment

We accept all major credit and debit cards and offer competitive pricing options

automatic-skip trace

Sit Back & Relax

Our system searches multiple databases to ensure the most accurate results!


Download Results!

Your list will be available for download from your dashboard as soon as it is complete!

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