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How It Works

How it

We offer the quickest way to skip trace your list!
Simply follow the steps outlined below, and your results will be ready to download in
a matter of minutes, if not seconds…


Create An Account

Access your dashboard, view and place orders, submit lists, download results, and manage billing


Download Template

Download our blank CSV Bulk Search Template and input your leads.


Start Your Search

Start with either a single trace or Bulk Search. and upload your list into our system


Enter payment

We accept all major credit and debit cards and offer competitive pricing options

automatic-skip trace

Automatic Skip Trace

Our system goes to work right away and produces results with lighting fast speed!


Download the Results!

Your list will be available for download from your dashboard as soon as it is complete!


Free to use for as long you want, and with an unlimited number of people.

Single Skip


  • Skip Trace 1 Person/Property
  • Instantly Delivered
  • No Result = No Charge
Bulk Skip


  • Skip Trace Multiple People/Properties
  • Discounted by Quantity
  • No Result = No Charge
Subscription Pricing


  • Single skip: $0.25
  • 2 – 99 skips: $0.15
  • 100 or more skips: $0.12